March 12th Board Meeting

The ISU*USA board met on Thursday, March 12 at the offices of the Aerospace Industries Association in Rosslyn, Virginia. Board members Kirk Kittell, Daphne Dador, Dave Treat, and Ashley Whelan were present, as were several alumni from the Washington, DC area. ISU North America was represented by Steve Brody and Sue Rolnick. The meeting lasted two hours with a lot of great discussion amongst the board, alumni, and ISU on a variety of topics. Minutes from this meeting have been posted to the ISU*USA website (go to and click "Archives" in the top menu bar).

Immediately following the board meeting, the board members and alumni headed down the road to Clarendon Grill for an ISU social. The fifth ISU*USA board member, Shandy, was able to attend, as were several additional Washington area alumni. One notable attendee was ISU co-founder Bob Richards! Everyone had an enjoyable time eating, drinking, and catching up on what's new with old and new friends, as well as discussing the state of the space industry and what the future might hold.

ISU*USA board meetings will be available via telecon if you cannot attend in person. So stay tuned for notices of future ISU*USA board meetings and upcoming social events in your area!