Yuri's Night 2009 - San Francisco

On April 9th, the California Academy of Science played host to the San Francisco Yuri's Night 2009 Party!  Amongst the over 3500 guests there that night were multiple ISU alums from the Bay area and across the nation - including Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides, Robbie Schingler, Alex McDonald, Yuki Takahashi, and MANY more!  Buzz Aldrin made a surprise appearance, NASA Ames Center Director Pete Worden made remarks, and Astronaut Steve Robinson mingled with the crowd.  NASA will be hosting Yuri's Night again next year  and the Academy has asked to host so they can show off their newly remolded ECO building.

Did you or other ISU alums go to a Yuri's Night Party this year?  Send us pictures and info and we will share on the Facebook group!