ISU at ISDC update and schedule

Hi y'all,

O.k. well, I fly to Huntsville Alabama tonight. I just wanted to post a quick update for those that are going to be there.

Our four events:

1) 18 May 2011, Wednesday 1-5pm: Workshop 1 - Agenda Embassy Hotel, Madison Boardroom

18 May 2011, Wednesday 6-?pm: Casual Dinner - with the world famous (because ISUers are all over the world!) Nassim Bovet and Steve Brody. Meet in the Embassy Suites lobby at 6pm.

Workshop Agenda - Day 1

1.Tentative Agenda "ISU USA"


Workshop in Huntsville

It's official - and we owe a big debt of thanks to Gary Barnhard of the National Space Society - we are going to have our first ISU-USA Workshop this month.  The NSS is kind enough to host it at their annual event: the International Space Development Conference (ISDC). 

What does this mean?

Workshop at ISDC

Howdy y'all,

Below is a letter (draft) that I will be sending to the Director of the National Space Society on Monday.  It is only a draft.

But I wanted to let you know what I was planning, and if he gives us space at the conference, great. 

If not then I will figure something out.  One way or another, we WILL have a workshop dealing with the issues, and opportunities, of our Alumni network. 

I've requested 2 dates, of four hours each.  This is enough to achieve something significant.  I know what the agenda will be.  I will post that in the next couple days, once I know when and where we will hold the workshop.  If you have items for the agenda, let me know right away.

Better late, than never!

Better late, than never!

Hi, I'd like to do a couple things with this blog post/newsletter:

1)      Apologize

2)      Congratulate Dr. Simpson

3)      Figure out next steps

4)      Make a promise

2011-2012 ISU*USA board elections open

Please send your vote for the following positions to


  • Michael Laine

Vice president

  • none


  • none

Director of IT/communications

  • none

Director for development

  • none

Nomination statement from Michael Laine:

As President, I would try to achieve three goals: 1) Call and interview everyone in the alumni network, 2) continue and expand on the website, blogs and social media efforts to connect our community and 3) create (with the active participation of the network) a 5 and 20 year plan for the association, and in conjunction with that, possibly convene a workshop to develop this.

ISU*USA Board nominations are now open

Hi all. Nominations for the 2011-2012 ISU*USA Board of Directors are now open. All details about ISU*USA, including elections, is detailed in our bylaws.

In brief, here is what you should know...

Spring 2010 Survey Results

This spring, the ISU*USA Alumni Association invited its members to participate in an online survey to gauge their interest in the various current and potential outreach tools and activities that the Association uses to help maintain the alumni community.

30 alumni participated, and the detailed results for each question are presented below.  Some highlights:

ISU Scholarship Fund dinner

On June 15th 2010, ISU and its International Institute of Space Commerce held a scholarship fund dinner in Washington, DC for the purpose of awarding an honorary Doctor of Space Achievement degree to Dr. Greg Olsen, who as the third private spaceflight participant, visited the International Space Station in October, 2005.  The proceeds for the evening went to benefit ISU's annual scholarship campaign.

Senior current and former NASA & FAA Commercial Space Transportation officials, VIPs of the commercial and personal space industry, and several ISU alumni were on hand for this special event to honor Dr. Olsen, who in his career has been a scientist, entrepreneur, and angel investor.


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