The ISU*USA Alumni Association is founded exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, specifically to advance the interests and promote the welfare of alumni of the International Space University (ISU) who are U.S. citizens or living in the U.S.  Specific objectives are:

  • To promote professional, academic and social linkages among ISU alumni, in particular those holding U.S. citizenship or residency, those residing in the United States of America and those residing in regions which do not have an alumni organization but wish be a member of such an organization;
  • To represent ISU*USA Members when dealing with the ISU and its various institutions;
  • To assist the ISU in carrying out its obligations to alumni, students, faculty and staff;
  • To encourage alumni to assist in providing support for the ISU and its mission, to geographic alumni regions and for all alumni activities worldwide;
  • To advance and promote space education and research in the U.S.;
  • To support the ISU's goal of academic excellence;
  • To organize various activities and to act in such a way as to fulfill the above objectives to the mutual benefit of the ISU and the Membership of the ISU*USA.

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