Our Agenda


  • What can the ISU network do for you?
  • How is ISU relevant to you today?
  • Are there any benefits to being an ISU*USA member?

Our slate wants to answer these questions by implementing useful and practical services and goals that will benefit and bring back a sense of community to our fellow USA alumni.

This year vote for the COMMUNITY FIRST Team for the ISU*USA board. We will be a cohesive team that will work hard to restore the enjoyable and relevant aspects of being an ISU alum.

Our agenda:

1. Renew ISU*USA’s Alumni Community

  • To date there has been no formal process to track our alumni, we will develop a system to address this, as well as:
    • Confirm email, location, and positions of at least 150 US alumni and provide an accessible database for all US alumni
    • Recruit 100% of 2009 US SSP & MSM students into database and develop process to update contacts for future classes
  • After 10 years, the U.S. will once again host the Alumni conference. To help make this event a huge success we will:
    • Enable attendance of at least 50 US alumni to the conference
    • Ensure our support to the Alumni conference planners, including appointing a liaison to assist their efforts
  • Connecting with our community begins with reaching out and creating an infrastructure for communication. We will:
    • Seek and appoint regional liaisons to support ISU-USA communications and organizing

2. Keep you informed on news and how you can get involved

  • We understand the tons of e-mail that you get. We will keep you up-to-date with efficient and relevant information, including:
    • One ISU-USA update email per month to ISU Talk and one ISU-USA update per month to ISU-USA members
    • Create a simple, informative, and up-to-date http://isu-usa.org, a one-stop-shop for ISU-USA information & events

3. Operate transparently and listen to your needs

  • Our Board will be open and accessible in its decision-making. We will:
    • Hold at minimum quarterly board meetings that all ISU alumni may attend and participate
    • Create an accessible mechanism to gather ISU*USA alumni feedback to report to the ISU Board of Trustees
    • Our Board will actively engage you to understand how ISU*USA can benefit our alumni and deliver on it!