ISU Community Links

Below are a number of links to ISU Alumni Associations and groups in the United States and abroad. Like most alumni associations, activity varies greatly from country to country. Some are highly active, while others are defunct. If known, the date of last activity is given in parentheses after the resource link.

If you have additional ISU Alumni Association links to add to this list, please contact Joshua Nelson.

Last updated: 6/6/2013 by Joshua Nelson


(Note: Membership in ISU USA Alumni groups is restricted to ISU Alumni who are US Citizens or living and working in the United States.)

Independent ISU Alumni Magazine, the "3 Eyes Observer"

General ISU Alumni / Community websites, social media, and groups

International ISU Alumni Associations and Groups

ISU USA Regional Contacts

If you're traveling or living in the US, we want to help you find your way around. If there are no ISU USA alumni contacts listed in your area, please volunteer. You will be the point-of-contact for events and inquiries in your area. Contact Joshua Nelson if you'd like to volunteer! 

NOTE: The below contacts are currently invalid and in the process of being updated.

California: Los Angeles

California: San Francisco


DC: Washington

Florida: Kennedy Space Center

  • ISU*USA alumni contact: (open: this could be you!)


New Mexico

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Texas: Houston