ISU*USA Web Site HOWTO Guide

Want to know how to add an event to the calendar? This guide will show you what you can do on the web site and how to do it, as well as answering the more important question: why you should, as an alumnus or alumna, register on this site.

Why should you register here?

  • Help alumni stay in touch with you by creating a profile with your current contact information. The alumni network is the best part of your ISU experience -- be an active node!
  • Only registered alumni have access to the alumni database.
  • Find alumni that are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. (That is, this site is not a standalone social networking site for alumni. Find alumni here, get social there.)

HOWTO guides for using the ISU*USA web site:

If you have any questions or ideas, leave a comment below or find us on the contact page.