Share your 2009 with ISU alumni

Hello, alumni. You may have seen this email (below) in your inbox. We're asking alumni to send ISU*USA a one sentence update -- so short, so easy, and we don't hear from you enough so how can you resist? -- about something interesting that happened to you in 2009. Then we'll compile them all in the newsletter.

But, there are quite a few alumni who we either (a) don't have contact information for or (b) simply haven't gotten the word to yet. (And (c) we're running out of time.)

Could you give us a hand and point them here so they can participate? We'd really really like to hear from you and them and everyone.

Dear alumni,

ISU*USA, the US alumni association for the International Space University, is putting together our end-of-year newsletter for 2009. (If you're not getting it and would like to, email: We'd like to share something interesting from your year with the rest of the alumni.

Please send us a one sentence update to about something that happened to you in 2009. (Deadline: this Saturday, 19 December.)

It could be anything: a new job, something exciting at work, an addition to your family, a new home -- anything that you would like to share with the alumni family. We'll include it in the newsletter.

Thanks for your help, and best wishes for 2010,
Kirk Kittell
SSP2006, ISU*USA President

If you have an account here on, you can post your own updates whenever you like to keep your alumni friends and family in the loop. If you don't have an account, please consider joining and helping to keep the network strong.