Registration open for the 2010 ISU alumni conference

From ISU Headquarters in Wahoo, Nebraska Strasbourg, France:

Dear ISU Alumni,

It is our great pleasure to invite you all to attend the 2010 Alumni Conference and Reunion that will be held at ISU Central Campus and Strasbourg surroundings from 6-8 August 2010.

A dedicated website has been set up to allow you to register online, view the exciting program we put together for you and find useful travel information. Log on now to

ISU would also like to invite you to submit your poster on the following theme:

"Something New; Something Borrowed"

Around the world space advocates are engaging the question of what parts of the ever deepening experience of space should be continued and what new elemenmts should be added. To some extent this reflects the emerging 4th "I" of ISU's traditional 3i philosophy: "Intergenerational." This year's conference allows us to think about this nexus of New Space and "Early space" with an eye to seeing how the future will be a fusion of proven ideas and daring new directions.

With a special screening of ISU Alumnus, Michael Potter's award winning documentary, "Orphans of Apollo" and a personal appearance by MirCorp's CEO, Jeffery Manber, we will have an excellent backdrop to alumni posters presenting insights to how legacy technologies can see new service in the future, how current ideas should be supplanted by different thinking, or how combinations of old and new might provide the solutions we seek as we extend humanity's role in space. Don't let these suggestions stifle your creativity, however. If you have a handle on how see the mixture of old and new going forward in the space sector, have at it. As you remember, there is more to an ISU gathering than a good party; there is the joy of great ideas to kick around as well.

Please contact SSP 2006 alumna Szandra Bereczky at

For any logistical matters, requests and/or questions (excluding poster submission) Elena Koshkareva will be your point of contact at

ISU's alumni point of contact Nassim Bovet is also available if you need any general information on ISU or to get connected with some of your ISU friends. Nassim's email:

We are looking forward to welcoming you on Central Campus very soon!

With best regards,

Caroline Schwob

on behalf of the Alumni Conference Organizational Team