ISU alumni update: Will Pomerantz, MSS 2004

Last month we asked you, fellow alumni, to select one of our other alumni to be interviewed by ISU*USA. Though Emeline Paat Dahlstrom was selected to be interviewed (read her interview here), we weren't about to let Will Pomerantz off the hook so easily. Will sent us a few updates about what he's doing out in the real world:

Alum William Pomerantz (MSS '04) is celebrating his five year anniversary as a full time employee of the X PRIZE Foundation this month. As Senior Director for Space Prizes at the Foundation, Will manages the $30,000,000 Google Lunar X PRIZE, as well as helping to chart out the Foundation's future activities in space exploration. In addition to working with ISU co-founder Peter Diamandis, Will was also able to bring Amanda Stiles (MSM '08) on board in August 2009, making the Foundation's space staff 50% ISU alums.

Will reports that the Google Lunar X PRIZE is proceeding smoothly. 21 teams are now registered in the competition, including several built around ISU alumni groups. Teams continue to make technical progress and—equally importantly—to find new customers and to build credibility within the international scientific community. The Foundation is also in the process of rolling out educational programs related to the prize, such as MoonBots, a competition that calls for student teams to ‘win the Google Lunar X PRIZE with LEGOs. Over 200 teams registered to compete in MoonBots, which runs throughout the course of the summer.

Will got married in Decemebr of 2009. His wife, Diana, is a systems engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory working on the Mars Science Laboratory, and is a graduate of one of ISU's sister programs, the NASA Academy.

Listen: we love hearing from alumni. We hope you love it, too (leave us a comment one way or the other, eh?). To keep the ball rolling, Will picked four alumni that he wants to hear from next:

  • Steve Abrams (SSP 1989)
  • Jason Hair (MSS 2001)
  • Andrew Hoppin (SSP 1996)
  • Robbie Schingler (MSS 2001)

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