Better late, than never!

Better late, than never!

Hi, I'd like to do a couple things with this blog post/newsletter:

1)      Apologize

2)      Congratulate Dr. Simpson

3)      Figure out next steps

4)      Make a promise

First off, I'm sorry.  I've not really done much of anything, since I officially took office five months ago.  I started off reviewing the By-Laws (much more on that, soon), but then after that initial rush, I've been caught up in my own stuff, for the past several months.  So, I'm sorry.  It's not all been wasted time, however.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about our organization - our past; our present and what options we have for a future.  The ISU US Alumni Association is distinctly different from (and is not an arm/extension of) the school.  The two are symbiotic, but separate.  Beyond 'thinkin', I've had a couple very interesting conversations - thanks guys, you've opened my eyes.  (You know who you are.)

I think it is now time to act.  You'll see how that unfolds in the next couple posts.

Next up, I'm sure we'd all like to congratulate Dr. Michael Simpson.  I know he's got good reasons for making the changes that he is - but I will personally miss his leadership, charm and dedication to the global ISU community.  I've only been involved with the school for a little while, but I can attest to his dedication of purpose and vision.  Best of luck to Michael (and his rockstar wife Carol)!

I think the question of the day is - what happens next?  I believe that our US Alumni organization is in trouble.  Bigger trouble, perhaps, than most of our network is aware of.  More on that, soon, too. 

So, given that I think we are in trouble, what happens next?  Well, the first thing I want to do is start communicating with y'all.  I've had several conversations so far, but I need to step that up - dramatically.  I'm gonna start calling Alum and connecting folks.  I figure the real value of our school is not just its broad education, but the network that we develop - and how we interact with that network, once we leave our program.  I could do this faster using email, but I don't think that is adequate.  Sure, I'll use digital media, but I feel that a personal touch is warranted.  We have a community that is fractured.  We will need to make an extra effort to rebuild.  I'll do my part - and I'll want your help too!

And here is my promise to all of you - I love what I got out of this school.  I'll try to articulate that, in a different blog post.  I think that it's worthwhile if you have an idea who I am, and why I care about the global ISU family.    And my promise is this: I'll work - every day - to rebuild this community.  I'll work to harvest - and help you to harvest - the rich, deep and broad, capacity that exists in our clan.  Most of us are strangers; especially if we didn't graduate together. I will create opportunities for us to connect.  I will extend invitations to ALL of the ISU network, and collaborate with other national Alumni groups.  And finally, I promise to be actively engaged in the ongoing development; the future, of this school.

And I am going to expect one thing from the school - a comprehensive statement of where we are, and a Vision (with valid supporting documents) of where we are going - and how they plan to get there.

Take care.  mjl

Michael Laine

President (in absentia for the past 5 months)

International Space University US Alumni Association