Workshop at ISDC

Howdy y'all,

Below is a letter (draft) that I will be sending to the Director of the National Space Society on Monday.  It is only a draft.

But I wanted to let you know what I was planning, and if he gives us space at the conference, great. 

If not then I will figure something out.  One way or another, we WILL have a workshop dealing with the issues, and opportunities, of our Alumni network. 

I've requested 2 dates, of four hours each.  This is enough to achieve something significant.  I know what the agenda will be.  I will post that in the next couple days, once I know when and where we will hold the workshop.  If you have items for the agenda, let me know right away.

I am posting this, even before Gary sees it, in the hopes that you will adjust your schedule and agree to meet in Huntsville Al, for the International Space Development Conference, May 18-22.

Angela Peura, (SSP07), is the Program Coordinator (or some such title, she's been working with the NSS for about a year now.)  I know that Steve Brody, Michael Simpson and Nassim Bovet from ISU HQ are going to be there.  If you take a glance at the speakers list you'll quite a few folks you know: Ken Davidian and Pete Worden and John Logsdon.

I think this is the opportunity we've needed to get a critical mass of ISUers in the same room at the same time – and tackle some of the problems we've got.  And better, it is the perfect chance for us to take this energy and build something amazing!

Take care. Mjl

Michael Laine, President, ISUUSA


Gary Barnhardt (and Bart Laehy, Angela Peura),

As you know from Novembers' SEDS Space Vision meeting, the International Space University's US Alumni Association is in trouble.  Its membership is in decline, its activity is almost non-existent, and there is a deep sense of discontent and malaise within our community.

I'd like to fix that.  I'm President of the network – it's my job to fix it.

More specifically, I'd like your help in fixing it.

Next year, ISU turns 25.  We are planning some big events to commemorate this achievement.  I think it is important that the US Alumni Association take its rightful position in leading some of these events.

In order to do that, we need to do some fundamental repair work to our organization.

In keeping with the ISDC's theme of “From the Ground Up!” I think this is the appropriate venue to re-direct and re-energize the ISU Alumni Association.  I know that there will be many alumn attending – as they would normally.  I am going to encourage greater participation, from a wider network.

What I am requesting of you is this: that you set aside two four-hour blocks of time (perhaps Wednesday and Friday afternoon?) with enough room for 15-20 people.  We would use this time as a workshop.  It is not a meet/greet and b.s. session among friends.  Instead it would be a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work session to address the real issues facing our community.  I anticipate real, tangible results at the end of the second session.

Put bluntly, we cannot pay for this space.  I'm hoping you will give it to me anyway.

In trade, I will announce this workshop to our global community (thank you kindly!) and encourage attendance to the larger ISDC events.  Hopefully I will reach people that you have not, and the increased convention revenues will justify your confidence in our program.

I appreciate your consideration of this proposal.  I'd like an answer as quickly as possible, so I can start my own outreach process.

Thank you.

Take care.  Mjl

Michael J. Laine

President – International Space University US Alumni Association

President – LiftPort Group – The Elevator to Space Companies

Director – Space Technology Alliance