Workshop in Huntsville

It's official - and we owe a big debt of thanks to Gary Barnhard of the National Space Society - we are going to have our first ISU-USA Workshop this month.  The NSS is kind enough to host it at their annual event: the International Space Development Conference (ISDC). 

What does this mean?

It means that May just became a very busy month for ISU!  So please, block out May 18-22 (or at the least, either the 18th or the 20th) and meet your fellow ISUers in Huntsville Alabama. 

I know your knee-jerk reaction to this. "I'm too busy; it's inconvenient; my wife/husband/kids/boss need me to do blah blah blah".  All valid, but you owe it to yourselves and to your fellow classmates to do what you can to make ISU-USA work for you.

Is this a plea?  Hell yes it is!  I want your attendance, and your community needs your participation.  Think back to your summer with ISU! Think back to your time in Strasbourg!   Ask yourself this very simple, very basic question - did it matter?  Did your experience with this school make a difference?  Did you meet your spouse there?  Did you make a life-long friend?  Have you done work with/made money with/asked a favor from/given advice to - any relationship you built, because of your time with this school?  Did you just have fun?  Please, just consider the question - did it matter?

If the answer is "yes" then I'd like you to make every effort to meet the rest of us in Huntsville. 

Apathy is killing this program. 

Did you know that only three people voted for me to become President?  Did you know that there is no executive board - no VP, no treasurer, no outreach, no nothing.  It's just me!  I cannot do this alone. 

Why am I pleading?  In the past 5 months that I've been President, I've been talking to a lot of people.  The resounding response when we talk about the school is:

1) it was a great time,

2) alienation / what have they done for me lately? / they're asking for money again, and

3) a sense of disillusionment/dissatisfaction and disconnection from the so-called community.

That is unacceptable.

So I want people to 'vote with their feet' and show up in Huntsville.

I KNOW this school rocks!  I KNOW it made a difference in my life! 

I KNOW it's the people that self-select and go into this program, that make the experience amazing.

I KNOW that our US Alumni network can be powerful, effective, and do good in the world.

I have ideas that will rebuild this community, and launch it toward something great.  But the only way they can work, is if you participate.  You must take action.  Now.


Michael Laine

(862) 438-5383 -- (862) Get-LF8D