Workshop Agenda - Day 1

1.Tentative Agenda "ISU USA"


a.Workshop #1 - Huntsville Alabama - 2011 May 18 1-5pm


                                                               i.Welcome, Introductions (20 minutes)

I apologize in advance, but I'll ramble for a few minutes, welcoming everyone.  If we're both lucky, I'll have some clever, inspirational, encouraging justification for why we're traveling to Alabama!

Thirty seconds each - ready, set, go! Name, Class, Year, Location, What you do now, Signed up for the Website / Newslist? Three Words to describe ISU USA network, Three "Lost Sheep" (people you know of, that are no longer involved with ISU or Alumni Activities).


                                                             ii.SWOT - Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats (40 minutes)

I figure you guys are pros, so this shouldn't take very long.  I want to know - succinctly - what you think of the state of the ISU USA organization.  We'll post them on a board, for all to see, and prioritize them.  If you could come prepared with three SWOTs each, that would speed the process. 

Since we're already organized for it, we will do the same with the ISU, as well; although this is neither our priority, nor our concern at this Workshop.  We'll do the second one, as a courtesy, as an informal status check for the outgoing and incoming President.


                                                            iii.Vision / Mission / Values (1 hours)

Believe it or not, we don't actually have a real, articulate, well thought-out VMV.  There are a couple lines in the By Laws that talk about helping each other.  They are detailed below.  We need to looks at this, figure out who we are, what we are doing, and why we are doing it.  I suspect that each Executive Board prior to me (a Board of one) has looked at these bylaws, and interpreted them differently. 

I'd like to define what it is we are doing, and have a mandate from the community I serve.


                                                           iv.Policy / Objectives / Strategy / Tactics (1 hour)

Once we've established the VMV, we need to act.  This is my favorite part.  We will use each element of the VMV to create specific, targeted Objectives - and our community will be accountable for achieving them.  We will figure out relevant methods, and assign people to work on different elements.  (Did I mention this was a "workshop" - it's time to roll up our sleeves and do something!  Expect to help with a project.)


                                                             v.By Laws Review (30 minutes)

Without pointing fingers, I'd like to know the architects of this document.  I'd like to know what they were intending, and the path they hoped it would lead.  I can say with clarity that I don't like the current Bylaws - but I admire the folks that wrote them.  I've read them several times, carefully, and I can see plainly why we are in the situation we are in.  I appreciate these early pioneers within our community - they believed in something important and wanted to execute on that.  I applaud their commitment.  I simply disagree with the methods they used in this document.

We need to review them, and make some basic adjustments.  It's worthwhile to consider several changes - and we can do that over time.  I'd rather shift this gently, than use a wrecking ball.  But there are some points that need acted on.

                                                           vi.Wrap-up (30 minutes)

We've tackled a lot.  Im sure there will be some spill-over, so this last session will be used as a summary and a cushion for anything we didn't quite finish prior.  We'll end promptly at 5pm.


ISU USA Bylaws - ARTICLE III:      PURPOSE (I've attached the full bylaws to this post.)

The ISU*USA is founded exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, specifically to advance the interests and promote the welfare of alumni of the International Space University (ISU) who are U.S. citizens or living in the U.S.  Specific objectives are:

To promote professional, academic and social linkages among ISU alumni, in particular those holding U.S. citizenship or residency, those residing in the United States of America and those residing in regions which do not have an alumni organization but wish be a member of such an organization;

  • To represent ISU*USA Members when dealing with the ISU and its various institutions;
  • To assist the ISU in carrying out its obligations to alumni, students, faculty and staff;
  • To encourage alumni to assist in providing support for the ISU and its mission, to geographic alumni regions and for all alumni activities worldwide;
  • To advance and promote space education and research in the U.S.;
  • To support the ISU's goal of academic excellence;
  • To organize various activities and to act in such a way as to fulfill the above objectives to the mutual benefit of the ISU and the Membership of the ISU*USA.