Workshop Agenda - Day 2


a.  Workshop #2 - Huntsville Alabama - 2011 May 20 1-5pm


                                                               i. Welcome and Introductions (10 minutes)

Same as Workshop #1 - only quicker.  I'm hopeful that there will be some new people and we'll want to be inviting/welcoming.  But the point of being here is to accomplish something.  So in the essence of time management, I'll skip my boring welcome speech, and we'll get to work!


                                                             ii. Review of Workshop #1 (20 minutes)

Dreaded PowerPoints to summarize the work we did on Wednesday - so that the new folks are on the same page.  We will not be opening that work up for discussion.  What's done on Wednesday is done.  This is simply a review of the effort.


                                                            iii. Stakeholders Matrix (2 hours)

1. Stakeholders

2.  Challenges

This will take a little explanation on site.


The gist of it is this - if we don't know who our 'clients' are, or what they need from our Association, then we can't really help them very well.  Are the needs/wants of SSPers different from MSSers?  Is that different from MBAers, SOIers or the new Southern Hemisphere folks?  Looked at it differently, are the 'Americans' needs different from the non-Americans that are living/working in the States.  And what about those Americans that are living abroad?  Finally, what about new students? Who is thinking about ISU as an educational option?  Put simply, we do not know who are Stakeholders are.  And once identified, we don't know how to reach them.  Without this basic data, we will fail in our newly articulated Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives.  We need to identify our Stakeholders.


Challenges are the things we act on, once we've identified our Stakeholders.  There are steps to getting this right, but for now, consider this to be a big to-do list.


                                                           iv. Voting - Vice President (30 minutes)

As I've said before, I'm an executive board of one!  That is unacceptable - from an operations perspective (I can't do this stuff by myself) and according to the Bylaws.  I'm hoping that we amend the Bylaws on Wednesday, so that we can vote for a VP on Friday.  I have certain powers, as President, to appoint Ad Hoc project leaders, and I'll do that, as well.


                                                             v.  Next Steps (30 minutes)

We will have accomplished a lot over the previous 7 hours.  I hope to come out of it with a renewed sense of purpose for this network.  But that begs the question: What's Next?  We'll have a free-from conversation about what we've achieved and what was left unfinished, and how that might be completed.   We'll also start to figure out the next Workshops - locations/dates and goals.


                                                           vi. Wrap up (30 minutes)

Thanks for coming! Perhaps a motivational speech from our new Vice President?  Who knows! maybe we'll be sick of talking to each other and we'll just want to end it.  Do you remember your team projects?  Remember the last 72 hours - when you weren't on speaking terms with part of your team? Some people cried! We were exhausted!  But when we were finished, there was a collective sigh of relief for a project well done.  I'm hoping we get to the same point (without the tears)!