New Space Conference at NASA Ames


I just got off the phone with Leah (McCarrick) Ott.  She and Chris are organizing a get-together Thursday night (tomorrow, the 28th) somewhere in Mountain View, CA.    Time and location TBD.

Besides her list below, there is a 50/50 chance that I'm going.  For sure Ben Corbin and Will Watson will be there.  Emilene Paat-Dalhstrom and Eric will be around working Singularity U.

Who else is going?

Here's her invite:

James (Mason)

Micheal (Soulage)

David (Mauro)

Doug (Hemmingway)

Doha (Faied)

Curtis (Iwata)

Leah (McCarrick) Ott


New Space 2011 is almost here (you know, tomorrow)!

I, Leah (McCarrick) Ott, will be going on super late notice.

Who else is going to be around?

We are planning an ISU social event for Thursday night!

If you are going to be around and miss pulling all-nighters before important events, join us!

(Note: Time and Place TBD)