SSP 2015 Call for Staff, Faculty, TAs and Lecturers!

International Space University Space Studies Program 2015 Session 
Call for Chairs, Call for Teaching Associates & Staff, and Call for Faculty & Visiting Lecturers
You are receiving this message because you may have an interest in supporting the ISU SSP15 session, which will be hosted by Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, USA from 08 June - 07 August 2015.
IMPORTANT: Applications will only be accepted through the ISU Space Studies Program Involve online application form. The link is provided below. Applications submitted by e-mail will not be accepted. 
Core, Department, and TP Chair Responses: 25 August 2014 by midnight GMT
All others: 26 September 2014 by midnight GMT
To respond to this open call, please follow these steps:
1. Using any web browser, open the link:
2. Click on the "Calls for SSP15 Chairs, Faculty, Staff, and TAs" link in the gray box. 
3. PLEASE READ THE CALLS. This is important, even if you have applied/participated in the SSP before. There are changes and updates, including the new Team Project descriptions for 2015. 
4. After you have read the calls, please log in to ISU-SSP Involve. 
a. If you have never logged into ISU-SSP Involve before, click the "Create my account" button at the bottom of the page. Provide your preferred e-mail address and then input a password, any password, but preferably one you can easily remember. We will use your preferred e-mail address to communicate with you. 
b. If you have already created an account, log in with the e-mail address and self-selected password that you used to create your ISU-SSP Involve account. 
5. Input your contact and background information. Save it. 
6. Provide the information requested for the position(s) in which you are interested. Save your inputs.
7. Sign out when you are finished with the session.
8. You do not need to complete the entire form at once. You may return to ISU-SSP Involve and log in to edit , update, or add to your response up until the deadline.
On the same ISU-SSP Involve website, you will also see a link for submitting new Team Project proposals - TPs are fundamental to both ISU's SSP and MSS program, and we're always looking for new and exciting ideas.  If you've had a TP idea rattling around in your head, now is the time to write a short description and get it into the system!
Please share this announcement with anyone you think might be interested. While we try our best to reach everyone in the ISU community and beyond, we inevitably miss a few. Do not hesitate to share. 
Our apologies to those of you who might receive this message multiple times. We are only trying to make sure that everyone is contacted and has a chance to participate in this most amazing program.
Looking forward to being flooded with responses!
John Conolly 
SSP15 Director