Welcome to the new site

Hello, alumni, we've updated the isu-usa.org web site. We'll still post ISU*USA news here, and we'll still have information about the board posted, but we want to let you know what's different.


The biggest change -- and the one we want you to know about right away -- is that we are going to use this site to keep ISU alumni contact information fresh.


Look to the left... do you see where it says, "Create new account"? We'd like you to register an account on isu-usa.org. Once your account is approved (there is a short delay to verify your account to prevent junk from getting through), you can post your contact information and view information of other alumni.

There are some things on the site that you can't see yet, such as the alumni list and a stream of alumni that post to Twitter.


One of the most important things we wanted to do as ISU*USA was to update the stale contact information in the ISU database with fresh, verified information. The value of being an ISU alumnus or alumna is the network; if the network is up-to-date, it creates an opportunity for you to get the full value of the network. Otherwise, it doesn't work.

If you register on this site, ISU*USA will be able to better serve you by maintaining the network. Periodically, say, twice a year, we will contact alumni and verify that the information posted here is up-to-date. It helps us help you.

We're not trying to compete with the profiles on the main ISU site. Any information posted here will be passed on to ISU to update their information, provided you give us permission (you'll see a checkbox for this on the registration form). However, since you elected us to the board, you have our ear to tell us what you want in an alumni web site and we will respond and (try to) give it to you.

What? (part 2)

This site is not meant to be a stand-alone social networking site for ISU alumni. There are other sites that do that better (honestly, if we could compete with them, we'd be off making our millions instead of doing the ISU*USA thing). Our goal is to be a reference site so that you can find reliable information about alumni. We give you a place in your profile to include your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profile information. Get oriented here, get social there.


Post a comment. Or email us at board@isu-usa.org Tell us what you think. We're here to serve you.