ISU Addresses Workforce Retention at AIAA Conference

As the aerospace industry ponders over how to develop its workforce, the International Space University may provide part of the industry’s answer. Steve Brody, Vice President of ISU North American Operations, addressed this issue at the AIAA’s “Inside Aerospace” conference in May, which focused on the theme of “Building and Retaining the Aerospace Workforce.”

Brody was part of the “Engaging within the University” panel which explored the questions of how today’s college students are being prepared to solve today’s global challenges and to be tomorrow’s explorers.

During his presentation, Brody was able to share with the audience of government, industry and education professionals information about how ISU addresses these issues. His response included ISU’s team projects that address a variety of global issues and ISU’s 3 “I’s”, which help shape ISU graduates as they pursue their professional goals. Brody discussed with the audience that ISU provides excellent professional development opportunities that lead to strong and committed professionals.

Developing the future workforce has become a rising issue within the aerospace industry. In 2008, Aviation Week reported that over 60 percent of the industry is over the age of 50, yet only 22 percent our under the age of 35. Compounding this issue is the noticeably high attrition rate for young professionals.

The annual conference, co-sponsored this year by the Aerospace Industries Association, the Air Force Association and others, is designed to connect policymakers, industry, and other stakeholders to address a pressing aerospace-related issue. For more information visit: