One Giant Leap: Ken Davidian and Will Pomerantz at the Boston Museum of Science

On 13 May 2009, Ken Davidian (SSP 1989) of the Federal Aviation Administration and Will Pomerantz (MSS 2004) of the X PRIZE Foundation visited the Boston Museum of Science as guest panelists for One Giant Leap: Space Exploration and the New Pioneers. They were joined by Geoff Yoder of NASA, Joanne Gabrynowicz of the University of Mississippi, and panel moderator Spencer Reiss of Wired Magazine.

A video of the entire panel will be posted (sooner or later) on the WBGH Forum Network. (Subscribe to the RSS feed at the WGBH page to be notified of its posting.) In the meantime, here are a few photos from the event.

Ken Davidian (SSP 1989)

Will Pomerantz (MSS 2004)

From left to right: Will Pomerantz (MSS 2004), Ben Corbin (MSS 2007), Kirk Kittell (SSP 2006), Ken Davidian (SSP 1989)