Todd Hawley Award

Congratulations to Ayetole A. Faiyetole (MSM 2004) for being selected for the 2009 Todd B. Hawley Award. See the press release for more information about Mr. Faiyetole.


Todd Hawley was one of the founders of ISU, along with Peter Diamandis and Bob Richards. Todd was very instrumental in the formative years of ISU and is still remembered for his passion, intellect, and dedication towards the pursuit of international and peaceful exploration of space.We, the U.S. alumni of the International Space University, inspired by Todd's vision of space exploration through his participation in the creation of the International Space University, offer this award in the spirit of Todd's memory. The Todd B. Hawley Award recognizes an individual who, like Todd, has pursued a vision of the peaceful expansion of all humanity into a space-faring civilization through excellence in space-related scientific, professional, educational, or political endeavors.


Nominations for the Todd B. Hawley Award finalists may be submitted by any ISU alum, staffer, or lecturer. The nominee must have an ISU affiliation –e.g. Alum, current or former staffer, lecturer, Board member, et cetera.

The nominee should have:

  • Demonstrated accomplishments in scientific or space-related field for peaceful activities (can be through employment, academic, or personal efforts);
  • Demonstrated work in encouraging international and intercultural cooperation for space activities;
  • Demonstrated space public awareness and outreach activities, and sharing of a broader vision of future space activities;
  • Inspiring and motivating other people, or other encouragement of broader participation in space activities for students, colleagues, or through team activities


Voting for the 2009 Todd B. Hawley Award ended on Friday, July 31, 2009.

Previous Winners:

  • 2005: Loretta (Hidalgo) Whitesides
  • 2007: Jim and Lin Burke
  • 2009: Ayetole A. Faiyetole